About Us

Welcome to A.N. Engineering Industries

I have the honor to present our Company (Manufacture Facility) A. N. Engineering Industries turbo Brand located in Lahore. Pakistan. As a group, small organization, our manufacturing started working in the year 1944 and Engine Valves & Guides became our specialty.

Several years down the line the group breaks up and different portfolios of manufacturing were taken over by three groups (this was an amicable division to progress). A. N. Engineering got the assignment of manufacturing the Engine Valves, Valve Guides, Casting & Machining.

Over several years of hard labor, our manufacturing has grown, with a good name in the industry and the product range kept increasing. A national tractor company which has the license from MASSEY FERGUSON wanted local manufacturers of parts to assist and start manufacturing a number of parts for the Tractors.

Year 2010, had ATLAS HONDA approached us for manufacturing Engine Valve Guides, Camshaft, Piston Pin, Guide Oil Through & Nut Lock. These were made as per their drawings and instructions to the total satisfaction of their QAV. These parts have been approved by Honda Headquarters in Japan.

Year 2011

  • Started Exporting Valve Guides to United States of America
  • Inquiry of casting parts from Germany
  • Inquiry from well renowned trader in United Kingdom for Massey Ferguson parts

Year 2012

  • Exporting Front Wheel Hubs to Ireland, Lybia &Africa.
  • Inquiry for Tractor Parts from Turkey
  • Received Inquiry for Valve Guides from a sister concern company of Japan.
  • Inquiry about railway parts from Poland

For Millat Tractors (Massey Ferguson) we are manufacturing parts and are on their approved priority list, such as Engine Valve Guides, Idler Gear, Cam Shaft Gears, Fuel Pump Drive Gears, Water Pump, Front Wheel Hub, Pulley Crankshaft, Cover Rear Axel Drive, Gear Shift Tower & Spacer Front Support. The QAV is done on the manufacturing by taking random samples which are metallurgical tested and approved (Mostly batch testing is done).

Our major clients are ATLAS HONDA, NEW HOLLAND, MASSEY FERGUSON & JOHN DEERE. Apart from these clients we also cater to individual requests.

Gentlemen, in this ever expanding world, A.N. Engineering are also exploring possibilities of expanding their business. Cost wise we are positive to satisfy your desire and the supplies will be regular.

Pakistan is a country who is big supporters of Forging & Quality castings and thus we are looking forward to be partners in doing business with your company and be proud.

Before I end, let me forward the greetings of our C.E.O. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz Rana to you and the board of directors.